Squares is about having fun, and with teacups and upside down moments in my head for some reason I thought I would try a lensball experiment. I think I need to play a bit more, but for now it has enabled me to tick off another word in the theme cloud.

Now remember you don’t need to use any of these, you could simply be brilliant by looking up. Just one very important thing, squares have 4 equal sizes. There have been quite a few rectangles recently!

Thank you all again so much for joining in the fun of squares, and for leaving so many comments. It has meant so much to me, and it has also been fantastic to see how many of you have been visiting at least one other squarer.

By the way on the couple of days when I am been playing catch up with visiting all of your lovely squares I think may have upset the WP gremlins. My comments seem to have been disappearing into spam. So if you haven’t had a comment from me on your square posts over the past couple of days, do check spam. I may be holed up in there! And if not, leave a link again below and I will visit. Together, with the tagΒ SquareUp, we can be upbeat!

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      1. That is a great idea! If you did it for squares, you would have to give a heads up so people could go buy it. A round image in a square. It would fit better than a round shape in a square peg from when we were kids. LOL!

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