What a week we have had with so many new and fabulous ups. You have all been so marvellous, I thought I better move upscale for our second gallery. I do hope everyone is ready to upraised and in some cases laugh uproariously!

It has been so uplifting going through the past week of Squares, particularly as I prepared this post on Friday under blue skies. My first cloudless day for two weeks, and it was followed by a second one yesterday! They are not the only wondrous occurrence I’ve observed, your innovative approach to this month’s theme has also been brilliant.

Just in case anyone doesn’t know what is going on this is a gallery post for the January Squares challenge. I aim to include links for everyone who has participated since the last gallery, which means this is a great opportunity to catch up on squares you may have missed as well as connect with new squarers and find inspiration for next week.

We are almost halfway round the gallery, you know what that means! If this is your first time exploring a squares gallery it means it is time to make yourself a cuppa. And for the old hands it is time to make that second pot, or even pour a glass of something!

Hope you are enjoying this week’s gallery as much as the first, and that you have been able to find the time to visit at least a few squarers in every room. I know some of you will be superstars and visit every one. Remember you don’t have to visit all in one sitting!

For the first time in a long while, our squares month has not been rushing by. I think, a sign of what is happening in the outside world. The start of this new year is proving to be quite a challenge. Thank goodness therefore for all of you, helping to keep me and others upbeat.

PS If you are wondering about my shop front, it is in Lisboa. Joalharia Ferreira Marques has one of the most beautiful facades in the city, and the art deco is original. The jewellery store has been run by the same family since it opened here in 1926. Discover more here.

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