As many of you know I am an early riser, although don’t think I have ever heard a lark join in with the dawn chorus. It also wasn’t dawn when I took this shot of a lark a year or two ago, however I just had to use this title for today’s SquareUp!

My apologies for not visiting squares or replying to comments yesterday. Not only was I awake before dawn, but I was on the telephone/Zoom nearly all day and kind of ran out of screen time energy. I promise will catch up today with everyone, but for now here’s a Crested Lark singing away in Portugal. Not at dawn but at 5:00 in the evening.

Recorded by Peter Boesman in Portugal in 2018, XC416640. Accessible at

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  1. Such a beautiful bird song! I long for the early days of the city wide isolation when all of nature seemed to have reclaimed the city. Every kind of bird flew from tree to tree and bird song was on the morning wind!

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  2. I’m going back and really looking at some fo the earlier photos. What an extraordinary bird! I like the pale green at the throat and the spiky little hairdo.

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