Looking up out of the study window

We are almost half way through the challenge, and for most of it the skies around us have been solid grey. Consequently I have hardly got out, even to go up my street. So here’s a reminder to myself that there is occasionally blue up there in the winter. I also thought today I’d remind you of the Square rules.

The theme for January Squares is the word ‘up‘ and you can either share a square looking up or you could have a bit of a play with the word. It is quite extraordinary how many words contain the letters UP.

I am posting daily for #SquareUp, however don’t worry if daily posts are not for you. You can post your square whenever it suits you. The only absolute rule is that you main photograph must be square in shape.

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  1. Beautiful skies! We got a rare break in the weather yesterday and saw lots of blue. It was refreshing! We’re back to gray and socked in with fog today. Hello, winter.

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