Have to say this is one of those things which looks much better from the outside than the inside. Still I am glad we went for a ride up in the century old Elevador de Santa Justa.

What I hadn’t realised until we went up is that there are no views from the elevator itself. Those gaps in the external metal tower are just for show, as the elevators inside have four solid wooden walls and so it is just liked being in an old fashioned lift. Except this one takes you up and down a hill – from Baixo to Santa Justa. Next time though I’ll avoid the queues by catching it from the top as part of a Lisboa funicular adventure.

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  1. I missed this yesterday as I forgot to pingback to this from my post yesterday. What a bummer that the elevator isn’t made of glass so you can see everything around you. How odd?!? 🙂

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