There are some places, aren’t there, where you don’t dare sit on the upholstery. We did eventually as there was nowhere else to sit. It took a while though to fully relax.

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  1. I think my creatures, other than El Duque are definitely not-upholstery critters. As it is, we have HAIR everywhere. What worries me is that so much of it is mine. The light from the window is wonderful. I have to look up the Korean word that means “light coming in through a window or filtered through leaves or trees.” There is a word for EVERYTHING in Korean.

    I have always fought having a living room I in which I could not relax. I have always been torn between fashionable furniture and comfortable furniture. Comfort has won. Bigly.

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  2. What a lovely room. I have a formal living room that has furniture dating back to the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. Some belonged to Frank’s dad’s side of the family and other pieces were purchased by Frank’s mom as antiques in the 1960’s. Today, I just found my hand-written sign that said “DO NOT SIT” when I had Bunco at my house a couple years ago. So funny you posted this today. 🙂

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      1. We have a bed frame that Franks Great Great Grandpa built around 1830ish that we are using. Problem is, it is too big for a full size and too small for a queen. Non-adjustable. We had to cut down the boxsprings to make it work but it is a beautiful headboard and footboard. 🙂

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  3. Then you have the relatives like mine that many,many years ago had all their furniture covered with plastic so it wouldn’t get dirty, but was highly uncomfortable. We children weren’t allowed to sit on it anyway. We had to go to the basement to play, which was probably more fun anyway.

    This is how I feel about plastic-covered furniture, now that I think about it:


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