Not sure when I will be stepping into an English supermarket again, let alone a Portuguese supermarket or my preference a market such as the one in Faro pictured below. What an exciting moment it will be when that day arrives.

Inside a super market!

Talking of days it has been a day or two since I explained the challenge so I thought I would take a moment now. There are so many options in this month’s squares, almost as much choice as in a Portuguese market. They really are super, ooh another hidden up!

In case anyone wasn’t aware the theme for January Squares is up, and it would be superb if more of you joined us in looking up and finding hidden ups.

I am posting daily this month, and it would be so uplifting if you can too. However don’t worry if daily posts are not for you, with this challenge you can post whenever suits you. The only absolute rule is that your main photograph must be SQUARE, and remember a square has 4 equal sides.

Huge thank you to everyone who has already left a comment and/or pingbacks on my square posts, and thank you also for finding the time to visit at least one other squarer. Together, with the tag SquareUp, we can be upbeat about 2021.

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  1. I have some supermarket pictures, but I’ve used them so often, I just didn’t feel like doing it again. So I went back and realized that not ALL the pictures I last too were fuzzy. Just a few of them — specifically a couple of red Cardinals. So the birds are back, but I also wanted to talk a bit about the balance between predators and prey and how the small spaces into which our wildlife has been forced makes them all more fragile. I may do a few of these. I think everyone has forgotten what “open country” means. There is so little of it left.

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  3. We still go to the supermarket about once a week or every two weeks. Donned with our masks and equipped with our homemade alcohol wipes. It is about as safe as we can be but we still like to pick out our own groceries. πŸ™‚


    1. Oh you’re fortunate. Too risky for us because of MrB, so we’re getting used to deliveries. Have found a brilliant veg firm though which is almost as good as picking out our own from a farmer’s market πŸ˜€

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      1. We are and very cautious and paranoid. I order a lot of things online, put them in quarantine for a couple of days before opening them unless I have to turn around an order quickly. All my mail goes into quarantine for a few days. Groceries are the only thing we shop for.

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