Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments and #SquareUps today, they have really helped restore my equilibrium. As promised I am returning with a gallery, but before I share your inspiring squares, here’s another view of the sky at sunup. The moon here is a waning crescent (compare to this morning’s waxing gibbous) and the shot was taken 10 minutes before yesterday’s sunup.

For a few seconds preparing this I couldn’t quite believe it is already day seven but mostly I have been asking myself today ‘can the new year really only seven days old?!’. So much has happened this week and not all of it upbeat. It is one of the reasons I thought Iโ€™d share the first gallery early this month. Let’s start with some of the new squarers as well as few friends we have not seen for quite a while.

Regular squarers I am sure have already poured themselves a large cup of coffee or tea, but if you havenโ€™t got one beside you then I recommend you take a pause and go and make one now.

It has been heartening that nearly everyone has remembered to square so far this month, I think I have only had to comment on four posts so far. I know squares are not always ideal but thatโ€™s what gives this challenge a step up from the others!!

I do hope that you are able to spare the time to visit at least one square in every room, and maybe some of you could join the ranks of the super squarers and visit every square in the gallery. Remember you donโ€™t have to visit all 60(ish) in one sitting!

Thank you all for being such fabulous squarers and for leaving such uplifting comments. I know I say this every gallery but I really mean it as you are the ones that make squares so special. Let’s now visit our final room.

By the way did you notice that I included an up in every paragraph? This gallery is uppermost thanks to all of you and up!

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