Still trying to take in some of yesterday’s news, there were moments of joy but then . . . . . the UK Covid19 figures were released and things began to unfold in DC. I don’t know what to say or think, it is all so shocking. So I need to dig deep today to remain upbeat, and to assist me I thought I would swap around some of my scheduled posts and share this one which evokes some very happy memories. Around two weeks ago I was chatting to Debbie, Sue, Margaret and Ann-Christine when Debbie mentioned the moon. It was looking rather bright above St Albans. I looked up out of the study window, and spotted it was looking rather lovely above Winchester too.

We may all be in different places but we are all connected, and my love, thoughts and optimism are with everyone as we all try and live our lives at the moment. If you can take some time away from the pandemic and political challenges, come here and chat with the fabulous #Squares community. I’ll try and get a gallery done for tomorrow, or maybe even a bonus later today. Together, by connecting with the tag SquareUp we can be upbeat. Here is my word cloud to get you all thinking.

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    1. Oh thank goodness it’s not just me, I got funky gibbons in my head too. Wish there were more of us, it would make the world a better place!!

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