In our house and across much of Europe tomorrow is Twelfth Night which means cupid along with the Christmas Trees will be returning to the attic. For some of you however tonight is Twelfth Night so I thought I would share cupid today, plus hopefully Cupid will make anyone under lockdown smile. A reminder we are not in this alone folks!

How are you getting on with this month’s squares theme of up? Do hope it is helping to distract and inspire. I am so impressed that already we been upside down and seen puppies, puppets, cupolas and cuppas. We have even had stirrups and Tupperware, and then there have been all the clever clever titles. Remember though whilst it is totally up to you how you interpret it the theme, your main photograph must be SQUARE in shape!

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  1. I just hate taking down the tree, so even though we have a small tree that I can move by carrying it from the living room to what used to be my office, I leave it up long after the holiday. Just because I like it. I like the lights. I like the sense of “holiday” I get from the tree. I’m glad there’s a reason I can tell people is really my reason. Not that anyone is ever here anymore.

    Today I realized I’ve lost another 4 pounds and my clothing is very comfortable and my cheekbones are back. But it doesn’t matter because I see no one and no one sees me. Will this ever change? Right now, with the rollout of vaccination so appallingly slow, I have to wonder if this will ever end.

    My happiest household member is The Duke — and the birds who don’t come inside, but visit frequently. We watched two comedies tonight. I hope we don’t run out of comedy.

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    1. oh I love what you do with your tree, and am now thinking of you and The Duke watching comedies together 🙂


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