Christmas isn’t Christmas without a walk, but this year not sure what we will be doing as we are now in Tier4. We are in a support bubble and so technically we can go out as a four, but I am feeling very wary about doing that when others can’t. Maybe we’ll split up and go out in two sets of pairs, or maybe we’ll stay indoors as Storm Bella is on its way. I just don’t know but whilst I ponder options here’s a photograph of much happier times when Mum and I enjoyed a Boxing Day walk in a park near Olhão. Life was so much easier then, also drier!

If you are unable to get out for a walk today and need a bit of distraction why not check out some of the amazing podcasts my charity’s volunteers have been putting together over the past few weeks. As you can see from the clickable list below there is something for everyone from history to graffiti to the British pantry. Go on click on a title that catches your eye!

War Reaches Hampshire: Catastrophe in the Cathedral Hampshire HistBites

  1. War Reaches Hampshire: Catastrophe in the Cathedral
  2. 250 Years of History with the Hampshire Chronicle
  3. From Riches to Rags, then Restoration – King John’s House
  4. Black John: Southampton's 16th Century African Entrepeneur
  5. Myths and Legends of the Test Valley
  6. Barley, Hops, and Toil: Ingredients to Southwick Brewhouse’s Success

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  1. It’s not so much what you do but not knowing what others you may come across have been doing. Even though we have pretty much normal freedoms we are still wary about where we go and who we see. You just never know. Best wishes to you for the coming days.

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  2. I felt a bit guilty walking over to Mum’s on Christmas day, taking advantage of our bubble, seeing other people having to pass over flowers and presents and wishes in the street, hovering at a distance around their doorsteps.


  3. I hope you’ll be alright, tiers and storms and all that. We were lucky we had two of the grandchildren staying with us the last few days and are now enjoying a well needed rest. All the best!

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  4. No Boxing Day walk here, we’d get blown over! And despite being in tier 2 now, it doesn’t make much difference to us as we have been keeping to ourselves since March. (Well except for my little escape to Surrey). Talking of which, apparently when my daughter took her dog for a walk in the park today it was heaving with parked cars and people! Tier 4 too! I’m not convinced anything will help other than another total lockdown until the majority of the vulnerable and elderly population are protected. And I still wonder how long this protection will last for…

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  5. Oh crumbs, Becky, I didn’t realise you were in Tier Four now. I suspect on a practical level it may not make that much difference to your household, but what a mess. If you do go for a walk, make it a quick one. As you say, Storm Bella’s on the way. She’s not quite here … yet.

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    1. You are right, fortunately won’t make a huge difference to us day to day albeit will affect my plans to have Mum to stay. She was already wary, so this will be final straw!

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