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A reminder that squares begins soon. I must admit I am not ready, but I have a cunning plan – there’s that lovely week after Christmas. It will be perfect to get my squares organised and scheduled. I am nearly there with finding all thirty one, I just need to snap a few more and have another hunt in the archives.

I do hope you are going to join us. Perhaps you are already ready and waiting for squares to begin. If though you are not sure what the theme is or even are uncertain about what squares is, then visit my January Squares announcement post. It would be lovely if you could join me and my fellow squares as we go onward and upward into 2021. I know at least one person has been finding uplifting music to accompany their squares!

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  1. Lovely reminder! I have not even started with my 31 “ups”, but as you pointed out there is the week after Christmas (or really less than a week now!). 🙂


  2. Gosh, I haven’t even started looking for UP photos yet, though I may have taken one or two that fit the criterion recently. Great moon shot BTW. No moon for us tonight.

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    1. Plenty of time to prepare! Hopefully we’ll get clear skies to see the planets align on Monday, although suspect might be too low in sky for me to see from here


      1. Well it’s sot of like this at times After droughts always floods then a settled pattern for a while. This is like tropical storms that are a part of Summer. Sometimes they hang around for a while inundating everything 🙂

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    1. It was a long time ago I mentioned it! Plan a few more reminders before the start 😀

      We well apart from missing Portugal! How’s you, know it’s been a tough few weeks. Sending hugs xx


  3. Hi B
    the theme for January is a great one – and in this post, the moon photos are so clear – also, the Stones song was new to me – and it fit so well here – hope you have a wonderful holiday

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