If, like me, you are sometimes overwhelmed about the excesses of Christmas, and feel that things are being forgotten, then check out this fabulous blogger.

This is one of a series she is writing for advent, and they not only make you sit up and think but every post provides links if you want to help make a difference here in the UK. And if you have time and enjoy fabulous writing do check out the rest of her blog, there are some hilarious posts. And I am not just saying that because we are kind of related (partner to MrB’s first cousin once removed), she really is brilliant. PS apologies for the strange font in my intro, I am using -re’blog’ and it is very weird in the new block editor!

Crappy Living

If you think the only way to tackle poverty is with largesse – free school meals and donating food, or telling people to shop at Aldi and batch cook spaghetti bolognese – think again. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for helping each other. But poverty is the symptom. 10 years of smashing up the welfare system is the cause, and UC is at the heart of it.

By 2022, at least one in ten people in Britain will be accessing Universal Credit -the government’s new benefit system for people of working age. This is the government’s attempt to simplify welfare, replacing 6 mostly fortnightly ‘legacy’ benefits that focused on different things, with a single benefit, paid monthly and in arrears.

You can see what they were going for, here. Simplify sounds good. Monthly sounds straight forward. Policy nerds will know that a single payment system has been the holy…

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  1. Interesting article. My son is on universal credit in Liverpool. He got a small up front loan that he is paying back. The person he talked to was very sympathetic to his cause and once in the system it was a breeze. He does work a couple of days a week so he has a small amount of UC but he is so grateful and it certainly got him out the dwang

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