Back in 2018 December was the month for Squares, and on this day I was looking up at a clock which would benefit from a tuneup or maybe some updating in Lisboa. The upstanding occupant of the shop uphill didn’t seemed bothered though, they were upbeat!

If you want to join in the fun of Flashback Friday, visit Fandango to find out how, and if you are bemused by my unusual use of words containing the letters ‘up’ in the opening paragraph check out the plan for January Squares.

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  1. I just found this using the Reader tab in my Chrome browser. I started using Chrome as the recently updated WordPress app will no longer let me like some posts. It now appears that the app isn’t showing some posts.

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      1. I always thought app updates were to fix bugs but apparently WordPress update their app to add bugs. I’m going to try using the Chrome browser exclusively for a few days and if everything works uninstall the app.


  2. I do like a town that has a clock up above me to help me plan my day. Do you remember the Dyson’s clock in Leeds? Glance upwards in Ripon’s Market Square and you’ll see the clock on the Town Hall. It’s kinda uplifting.

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      1. ‘Appen. But Dyson’s Clock in Briggate was famous! My mother (from near Leeds) said it was where everyone arranged to meet when she was young because it was easy to find, and a landmark. Google it in ‘images!’

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