This was originally going to be my 31st kinda square, but for the life of me now I cannot recall the kind connection! Still I am glad I saved it as it makes a great square with which to announce January’s theme. One or two of you may have guessed it from my three November hints, but most I suspect have not . . . so here goes the next square theme is UP!

You could go with every square looking up or have fun by playing around with the word up. I am thinking uplifting, upstairs, upright, upholster and upbeat. Or maybe you prefer to move your up to the middle such as cupola, nuptials, soupçon and puppet. If you are really clever your square could end in up, for example hiccup and syrup. It is totally up to you!

Once Squares begins on 1st January I will be posting daily, mostly from the archives but there will be at least one post when the photographs are brand new.

Squares Logo

Hopefully the January theme is going to be right up your street, and you will be able to join me daily too. You can, though, post whenever suits you. The tag is SquareUp and the only challenge rule is that your main photograph must be SQUARE. Remember a square has 4 equal sides! Once we start in January do leave a comment as well as a pingback on my square postsIt makes the challenge so much more fun for everyone, and most importantly it enables me to include a link to your square in one of the galleries. I wonder who is going to finish uppermost in January?!

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  1. Up comes to my mind in two ways. When Harry Potter and classmates were in their first broom class. The command was up and some managed to get their brooms off the ground & into the palm of the hand and some didn’t. The other Up I’m thinking of is the 2009 Disney Pixar Movie “Up”. This should be a fun one! πŸ™‚

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      1. You just wait and see! I wished I still had my Harry Potter costume. I was Harry in 2005 for Halloween. I had my haircut like his in Goblet of Fire so it was easy to be him. LOL!

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      2. I’ll see if I can find them. They would have been on film (non-digital) so I just don’t know. I haven’t seen them in any of my old photos lately so I’m not entirely sure where they would be. I found pics of the Halloween the following year but not those. Hope I didn’t lose them.

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