Have you heard the news? There’s a brand new monthly challenge called Share your Desktop. Created and hosted by the lovely Clare, it was launched yesterday but officially starts today. Clare invites us all to join in the fun by sharing on the 15th of every month the photo you have set as your wallpaper. I just had to join in as it seems I helped to spark the idea. So here is my current wallpaper.

Coincidentally this shot was taken on the 15th of the month too, back in April 2019. I wish I was there today, it was taken on a rather lovely walk in the Algarve, in an area known as the Baixo Guadiana on the border between Portugal and Spain. If you would like to join me on the walk visit here.

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  1. I can’t join either, as my computers pluck something new from their photo folders every minute (sometimes I’ll spot a photo and exclaim “where the **** is that?!”. But your photo looks like a marvellous place to walk. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hee hee I remember when my computer used to do that! Always wished there was a list you could access to tell you what it had shown that day.


  2. I’d like to join you for a wildflower walk there too! I just have the standard-issue mountain. Mind you, my system is threatening to update so that might shake things up a bit.

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  3. I can’t join in either as I use themes I have downloaded which change every day. Currently I have wonderful autumn colours, but I have had birds, flowers and Australia. Next I will choose some winter scenes, but not until December.

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  4. Mine changes as well, not every few days but every minute or two,it runs through the archive. I like it because it jogs my memory, places (or people) I would have forgotten otherwise.

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  5. I love this image, Becky. It looks like a wonderful place to take a walk with those (wild?) flowers framing the path/road. Thank you so much for joining in my challenge and encouraging your followers to do so as well. I’m hoping to see some amazing photos being shared on the 15th of each month.

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      1. Me too πŸ™‚ and we have some incredible wildflowers here. We missed them on our travels as we were in their regions during the wrong time of year, but next time we decide to travel, I intend to plan a little better and witness the spectacle for myself.

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  6. Lovely idea, but I can’t join in. My computer changes mine every few days from an unending deck of images which I have no control over. But I’ll enjoy exploring your link to see more of your images.

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