It is the penultimate day of October squares, I really don’t know where the month has gone. I am sure it was only yesterday I was looking forward to a month of benevolent square cataloging. Yet today I am looking back at a month of kindred spirits kindling our imagination and sharing kindness and kindly comments. You have been so wonderful and so kind. I know tomorrow our final day may be sad, however it will I am sure also be uplifting thanks to your incredible collection of squares. What a month, thank you all for grasping so brilliantly that kinda anything goes when we all come together in a square.

Bark makes amazing kindling, but it is still a bit of a random square from me today! So I thought I’d accompany it with a list of ten random kindness tasks. Be kind, choose one to do today;

  • Send someone a handwritten note
  • Bake a cake for yourself and cookies for a friend, or vice versa!
  • Pick up some rubbish in the street
  • Text a compliment to three friends, and include your ‘strongest’ friend
  • Let someone go in front of you in a queue
  • Arrange for flowers or a care package to be sent to someone who lives alone
  • Tell someone you know you are proud of them
  • Sow some seeds or plant a tree (or order some to plant next week!)
  • Donate to charity or a food bank
  • Contact someone you haven’t seen in a while and arrange a phone catch up

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  1. I got up this morning and it was snowing. Not a little bit. Really snowing. So I took a few pictures because I figured it would stop and melt away in a few hours. It doesn’t snow in October and when it does, it’s just a dusting. Until today. Four inches and the birds went wacko. I wanted to put down 31 pictures, but I couldn’t get 31 square pictures. Not every picture will square well. Considering I took almost 400 pictures and have spent ALL day processing them, you’d think I’d have more. I’m very slow at this. Just can’t work any faster. Happy end of October. May we all still be well and ready for (tada!) January.

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    1. That’s a a lot of snow – the only time I remember snow like that in October was when I was in Tahoe once. It was early October and such a shock to the system! Like you we’d only be walking in Tshirts a few days before


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