One of the things I love about squares is that not every photograph needs be a masterpiece. This challenge is about being kind and having fun with squares. It also means I can display those photographs I can’t quite convince myself to delete, but would otherwise not get a show. Such as this one I took in September of Mars and the moon early one morning.

It kinda doesn’t really work! However I’ve always been one for the expression ‘If at first you don’t succeed try, try again‘. So try again I did in early October.

I was feeling quite proud of myself until I realised looking at Margaret’s post that this shot was in fact of Venus not Mars! I’d done that human thing of forgetting that both we and the planets are all moving. I really must remember to use the fabulous website Time and Date for determining the Night Sky. Still, I still love it as a shot and best of all that moment of realisation made me giggle to myself. It also enables me to add on the W C Field’s addition to those words of wisdom ‘If at first you don’t succeed try, try again‘.

Then quit. No use being a fool about it !

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    1. Wash day indeed although i am having to get MrB to bring the laundry down this morning as I have had a running injury. Stairs are a tad problematic this morning as a consequence

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      1. Ha ha ha. I don’t know about that. Missed my chance to photograph them this time round – been too busy with work – but next time . . .

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    1. It isn’t easy without a tripod, and that’s almost impossible to use at my place because of all the trees. I need the camera so much higher. I also must teach myself more about the settings, still it’s good to have a challenge!

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  1. This may be the first – and last – time that my astronomical knowledge is called on. I can recognise The Plough, Orion’s Belt, and that’s pretty much it. Thanks Becky! A lovely atmospheric square to begin the day with.

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