It is believed these are the eldest and youngest brothers – William and Philip – of the Robinson family in the 1920s. They were both Constables. Although the more I look at this picture, the more uncertain I become. Great Uncle William and Great Uncle Philip were 20 years apart in age and yet these two Constables could almost be the same age. They do look alike though so are clearly Kindred Spirits, although I am not sure what they’d think of Debbie’s Kindred Spirits!

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    1. I know . . . no twins though in this family so they must be brothers or cousins. Hopefully I will be able to determine exactly who from their nephew who is still alive!

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  1. great old photo – and you know B, some folks just age gently and I think there could be a difference of 20 years – it is hard to tell.
    But my little sister and my husband both looked so “young” at 35 – they almost looked 22 –

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      1. Yes we have quite a few police museums around the country so definitely a few around, and they’re also still used in fancy dress!


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