Stockbridge Down

A couple of weeks ago I was definitely kinda down, everything felt overwhelming and nothing seemed to be within my control. Life, despite the beauty and kindness of squares, was becoming kind of bleh. So MrB and I decided to turn that around by cutting down the time spent on the computer, and using the time instead to go for walks. Which is kinda why we found ourselves on Stockbridge Down. It worked wonders, as has making sure I connect with friends and also exercising daily. For other ideas and tips for a more Optimistic October visit the Action on Happiness calendar.

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  1. At this time of year it seems so easy to become a little down. The thoughts of those evenings drawing in and the changeable weather weighs heavily on the mind, and I find the older I get the harder it becomes! Still the one thing I have learned from living on the DOWNS is that they are invariably UP (The name comes from the Old English dūn (“hill”)) so here’s to feeling UP again! (BTW my link to you for this day was faulty, so you probably didn’t get a pingback – some idiot added an extra digit to the date….) Not so clever after all!

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