I am really enjoying October’s benevolent cataloging of squares; a month of kindred spirits kindling their imagination and sharing kindly comments. Remember kinda anything goes this month as long as your photograph is square in shape. If you want help though with your titles in the second half of the month here are some ideas you may wish to consider;

  • Something of the kind (similar to something or even a carbon copy)
  • Our imagination kindled (inspire us!)
  • Of its kind (a unique object or an example of something such as a flower or bird)
  • Two of a Kind (or one, or three or multiple!)
  • Kindred spirits (kindness in action or photographs of people)
  • Take kindly to (something you like)

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      1. Maybe it’s just as well. It might have been asking to come home with you and then in no time it would have been eating you out of house and home!

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