It is such a delight and an honour organising Winchester Heritage Open Days every year. Yes it does take over my life for a few weeks, if not months every year, but just look at what fun events I get to go to.

Friends of King Alfred Buses

If you can spare half hour now or later then I’ve love it if you could listen to the podcast it is quite extraordinary where some of these buses were found.

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      1. Our modern plastic insides buses always feel grubby to me, however clean they are. They don’t seem like PROPER travelling vehicles. But then, hey, I was brought up to travel on steam trains with compartments!

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      2. I loved compartments until one time I got stuck in one with some very drunk rugby supporters on their way back from Twickenham!!!


      1. It’s a tricky combination, and these days I confess I do like some comfort. Sometimes I’ll see a classic old car and think how cool it looks, but then I remember that the seats are probably a bit hard and the suspension bumpy and there’s no AC!

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