A walk in the countryside in the autumn can soon fill your cupboards if you know what to pick and don’t mind imperfections and insects!

I was tempted to follow in Cee’s and David’s footsteps and make this a numbers of a kind, however whilst I could count the apples and blackberries, I couldn’t actually make up my mind how many hawberries there were. So instead I have reverted to my original title as we were foraging at the time, and look I even found the spirits section!

Almost Sloe Gin!

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  1. Those blackberries look ripe for the pickin’! My sister-in-law made some blackberry jam this summer. I got 1 jar and it was so amazing that Frank let me have the whole thing. She only made a few jars. Then for my birthday last month, her hubby gave up one of his last 2 jars as a gift to me. I’m still working on it but it is almost gone! πŸ™‚

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