For 90 years there were washhouses in Edinburgh, and for nearly 80 of those years the washhouses were a public service. Despite a mass campaign, the last one closed in 1982.

The modern equivalent would be the launderette but even those can be difficult to find these days in my part of the world. I discovered this fascinating piece of Scottish history in ‘The People’s Story’ museum on Canongate in Edinburgh. I thought it rather appropriate to share these today, after all Mondays were once wash-day!

PS Two squares kinda counter the rectangle!

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  1. Many women must have mourned the loss of the washhouse because I imagine it was a great socialising event in addition to getting the laundry done.
    I remember my mum having a washing machine with a ‘wringer’ on the top at the back, and I remember my gran washing the clothes in the sink with a washboard and bar of soap then helping her use the mangle. I’m not sure it was always on a Monday because she used a communal drying green so they probably had a specific day of the week that they had to use.

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      1. My mother got her arm caught in the mangle. I arrived home from school to find her in enormous pain and an extremely swollen arm. Dangerous things…


      1. So were cloth nappies, even though they were soaked. Fortunately someone bought me 6 months nappy service for the firstborn. But the sheets had to be washed in the bath.

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