Have to admit there were a few days last month when I was preparing for squares that I wasn’t sure at all if I would find thirty one. It felt like I was stuck up a tree!

Fortunately however not only was my imagination kindled by my godson but I remembered that the theme of kind‘ means that kinda anything goes this month as long as it is square. If you have not played with Squares before, here’s how to participate in October;

  1. Take a square photograph of something that reflects the theme
  2. Create your post for any day in October, and pingback to one of my daily squares
  3. Include the theme’s tag – KindaSquare
  4. Leave a comment on my post as well as your link
  5. Whether you post squares or not, be a kind member of the Square team and make time to visit others and the square galleries

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  1. Owls have always fascinated me and we only have one variety here in NZ. Heard quite a few while housesitting in the Cotswolds. Beautiful shot, Becky.

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    1. wow I did not know NZ only has one owl species. Fascinating. We have five here in the UK. Suspect you were hearing the Tawny in the Cotswolds – was it the twit twoo sound?


      1. The Morepork is the only remaining native owl species found in New Zealand apart from the Barn Owl, which has only very recently colonised New Zealand from Australia. Info from Mrs Google 🙂 So, I’m not correct as I thought. Yes, I think it was a twit twoo. So many bird lovers in the UK. Which is brilliant.

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      2. ooh they have the Morepork at the bird of prey centre, in fact this may even be a morepork now I think about it!!

        wow did they fly from Australia? Or did someone introduce one.


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