Our first week has been full of kindness and fun, thank you all so much. Kind as a theme seems to have struck a chord this month, and there are already more than fifty of us taking part. It is one of the reasons I thought I’d share the first gallery early this month, and like my unicorn it is one of a kind!

I don’t know about you though but I am certainly finding I am struggling some days because of what it going on in the world, and little problems at home seem to become enormous ones. Thankfully though your diverse interpretations of kind have been keeping me going, they have all been so inspiring and motivating.

Regular squarers I am sure have already poured themselves a large cup of coffee or tea, but if you haven’t got one beside you then I recommend you take a pause and go and make one now.

Now before you enter the fourth room of squares, I thought I’d share my bean slicer. Many of you asked me about it yesterday. As you can see it is tiny compared to the Victorian one. We use ours for runner beans, but it works well for French beans too. First you top and tail, and then you push the bean through. It cuts them into narrow pieces, and we think it is brilliant!

It has been heartening that nearly everyone has remembered to square so far this month, I think I have only had to comment on three posts so far. I know squares are not always ideal but that’s what makes this challenge one of a kind!

Squares is such a fun challenge. It truly is an honour to host squares for you. I really hope you have been able to visit at least two squares in every room.

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      1. going to do some yoga stretches – I have a yoga strap and it is a great way to stretch the legs – phone in one hand skimming posts and changing the strap (like feet up the wall) with the other hand – win win – blog time and body health

        also – thanks again for hosting this fun challenge – I know it is effort and there are likely many reasons you do what you do – and so a thank from moi

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