Well they are both birds!

I am sharing squares with the theme of ‘kind‘ daily through the October, and would love it if you joined me a few times. As you can see kinda anything goes, as long as the photograph is square in shape. If you want to join in the fun here’s what you need to do;

  1. Take a square photograph of something that reflects the theme
  2. Create your post for any day in October, and pingback to one of my daily squares
  3. Include the theme’s tag – KindaSquare
  4. Leave a comment on my post as well as your link
  5. Whether you post squares or not, be a kind member of the Square team and make time to visit others and the square galleries

105 thoughts

      1. If so, what pictures might illustrate the person who is kind? Someone might have a naturally kind looking face, and be a turkey. Or maybe they look like a grump, but always do kind things. Or they might do kind type of things, but there is always a bur in them – a bitter payback. That a writer’s sort of question because saying a person is kind is not good enough, we have to offer proof in words and actions.


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