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  1. What a lovely tribute. I didn’t open this while I was away as I knew I wouldn’t have time to focus. It’s sobering for me to realise I’m much nearer to your dad’s age than to yours. So much still to do!


  2. A wonderful gallery, Becky. I love that smile. I’m glad you’ve survived the Virtual Heritage, and hope you’re now chilling before the kinda rush you’ll have in October ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I wish i was chillin, but now trying to get the evaluation done, recruit trustees and get my head around squares!!! I am sure my life was less busy when I worked ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. Lovely pictures, and a great tribute to your dad. I donโ€™t know which child he is in the class photo, but I have been poring over it with fascination. With a few exceptions, they donโ€™t look very delighted to be having their pictures taken! My favourite is the little girl second from the right in the front row. She looks really happy! It also struck me how little these photos changed for decades. My class photo in the early 60s doesnโ€™t look that much different. Same big bows and v-neck sweaters. A few years later children were much more โ€œtrendyโ€. (Amazingly, when we posted my school photo on Mumโ€™s blog a boy in it got in touch! Heโ€™d been searching for the school name and found it. He claimed to remember me.)

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    1. You’re right Anabel, my class photos are very similar if not the same. Weren’t people in that era told not to smile for photographs? What’s different to class photos from then and now, no overweight children. A while ago, I noticed it when viewing nieces class photos there were more children with weight issues. Lovely tribute, Becky.

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      1. Dad started at primary school at beginning of WW2, so guessing this was taken towards the end? Apparently he wasn’t the most well behaved of students, not that you can tell that from this!


    2. Mum and I have also been poring over the photo thinking the same about the lack of smiles! They must have been told to concentrate or something. Dad isn’t smiling which was so rare! He’s far left, third row.

      How amazing someone got in touch. I would love to post this somewhere but I don’t know the name of his primary school. I guess I could try and work out as I know where they lived.


      1. That’s fine Becky I know how busy you have been. I hope you aren’t too worn out. Yes a pop by over the weekend would be lovely. Missed you xx

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