Last week my second godmother died. Both my godmothers were amazing and my godfather is pretty great too. Margaret though, pictured below on the left, was quite extraordinary.

My godparents on the occasion of my baptism

Margaret began to lose her sight as a child, and by the time I was old enough to know her she was completely blind. On first meeting you probably would not have realised she had lost her sight because of the way she approached life, and spoke about colour, nature and the environment around her. She was truly inspirational, despite never being in complete control of her guide dogs!

We never let her forget the one who nipped next door to our neighbours one Sunday, and enjoyed their Sunday roast which had been resting on the side. And all of us were in hysterics at her wedding when both her dog and her groom’s guide dog took it upon themselves to enjoy the desserts on the lower shelf of the dessert trolley. Always up for a giggle, always ready to listen, and always showing an interest in the world around her. She was someone very very special, and I was so fortunate to be her god-daughter. Thank you Mum for asking Margaret to be one of my godparents, thinking of you, her husband and her today.

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  1. Sorry for your loss Becky, she sounds like a wonderful character to have had in your life. So good that you have great memories of her to comfort you.

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