Star could be part of this lovely flower’s name, but I really don’t know! The reason though for including it in Debbie’s fabulous One Word Sunday this week is that I am hoping someone is going to be an absolute star and tell me what it is!

I purchased the seeds last year for Mum’s Christmas stocking. They all germinated but she lost the packet and I can’t remember what I bought. I think they are perennials and there are multiple blooms to come. The stems are hairy and the leaves lobed, and the anthers above the flowers make me think of tiny stars! But what is their name?

For a while I thought they might be a scabious, but there is no basal rosette. And when I tried a reverse image search Google came up with hydrangea, it definitely isn’t that! So I come to you the lovely blogging world, can this gallery reaffirm that Tish, Jude or someone else is a star when they tell me its name?!

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