This week Cee, for her Fun Foto Challenge, is asking us to look out for bikes, trikes and motorcycles, and I have kind of done all three. My main photograph is of Mum’s dad – William. I unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet him as he died 18 years before I was born, however from everything I have heard he was a fabulous man.

If you are wondering about my trikes and motorcycles, well take another look at the header. There are three wheels so you could, with a little discretion, call it a trike! It is certainly a motorbike. If you would like to enjoy a better shot, then thanks to the magic of a Gutenberg block you can! Simply click on and visit my 2019 post below.

22 thoughts

  1. Old photos are unique and special, especially when you think of the simplicity of the cameras and long processing time, not forgetting the sentimental value of them. Wonderful!

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    1. Definitely worth the effort. Just takes a few weeks to get your head around it, and then you’ll be wondering why on earth you didn’t swap over earlier!

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      1. A few weeks? A FEW WEEKS? I might be well past it then. And I still don’t know why your blog does that dot dot dot thing while loading. You are unique! (Of course)

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