Yesterday I admitted that at the beginning of this month I had no idea what my final square would be. Even now as I write this half way through the month I am not entirely sure! So I thought I would begin my finish with a retrospective perspective. How many of these squares do you remember? And do you have a favourite?

A huge huge thank you to everyone who has visited, commented and participated in this month’s Squares. It has not been an easy month I know, we are still living in very challenging times. However whilst a tiny part of me wishes life would return to pre Covid-19, I am recognising that actually we cannot do that anymore.

There are still far too many inequalities in this world. I am hoping these strange times though might be the opportunity for the world to become greener and fairer. It isn’t going to be easy though to change in light of the looming economic downturn. However hopefully we can find a way to hear and see different perspectives. I know we can’t make everything better immediately, but maybe we can make a difference even with small changes. And we can certainly broaden our perspectives!

And all of you have certainly being doing that this month with your squares. A huge thank you again to everyone who has taken part this month. I do hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. It has been a fabulous month of Squares and different perspectives.

The final gallery of your perspectives will appear in the next few days, and the theme for October squares is scheduled to be announced in September. So enjoy August making some small changes; whatever you can do will make a difference.

And if you have a spare moment today why not see if you can spot which of the squares in this post didn’t actually appear in this month’s challenge. I swapped it for a Hampshire view in Wednesday’s post, but decided I would leave it in today’s!

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    1. Almost! Been a bit of a stressful day but sitting down now with a glass of 🍷 so working on the relaxing 😌


  1. Lovely 😊 retrospect quilts I still like the bird’s dining! I learned so much. Especially the importance of where the photographer stands! Literally and politically!
    We need to have our own point of view. We need to square things with what we believe. Fancy s peach coming from someone who posts naked ladies.
    See you soon 😘😻

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  2. Looks like Thomas the Tank Engine snuck into your retrospective, but you also left another of your squares out altogether. Any reason for that? I remember thinking a lot about that one. I think my favorites are the murals, the floor, the poppies, the lighthouse, and the beach, but they’re all good. Thanks for all the work you put into it. I had a lot of fun with it this month. Here’s my final one for July:

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    1. I thought I’d only left out Wednesdays so I could keep in the one I had originally planned, which may just be the one you spotted! Which other do you think I missed out?

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      1. I imagine so. I’d only planned on being an occasional contributor in July but then had something for every day but one, and that was Brian’s fault because his Last on the Card challenge doesn’t allow cropping!

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    1. Oh wow Cee, what you’ve done is fantastic and ties in perfectly with a bonus one I have planned for this evening. We are thinking alike today!


  3. What a cracking finale. I think I know the odd one out, but I could be wrong as I’m not sure I have looked at every one of your posts this month. I have tried to even if I haven’t posted myself, but OH has been doing a lot of music videos and when he’s uploading the network dies for anything else. You are such a star Becky. I don’t know how you manage to visit dozens of people every single day and leave a comment as well as replying on here. I can’t imagine you have had much sleep this month! Hope August is nice and relaxing and that you manage to get out and about a bit more. I’m hanging on for September when hopefully it is quieter and we can go out. At the moment there are too many people who appear oblivious of SD. And when one woman actually pulled down her mask to cough (in the supermarket) I was gobsmacked! She obviously hasn’t got the right idea about this. 😲😷

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    1. Thank you so much Jude, it has been fun doing and there have only been a couple of days I have struggled with lack of time!

      August should be relaxing but seems we are going to have quite a few digital events for HODs so I am going to be at the computer for much of August preparing, still at least it means I will have a quiet September πŸ˜€

      In shock about the woman in the supermarket. That’s bonkers. There again the advice from the government is so confusing I am not surprised so many are doing strange things. Today’s latest – hands, face, space – is almost farcical.

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  4. I guessed at which one, and I looked up the date and I was right, I think. “lunch”. I have a photographic memory that is very good. πŸ˜€

    My favorite, oh so many great ones to choose from:
    The cat
    The seagull
    The pink flower and white spider and bee
    Tate view
    Need I go on. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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    1. ooh you will have to wait and see tomorrow!

      Hee hee love Septimus has appeared in quite a few favourite lists, he is going to be such a happy cat


  5. My favourite was the pink cosmos. It’s been a wonderfully broad topic – my favourite so far – and as always, you’ve been a wonderful, hard working host. Thanks so much, Becky. I am sure you’ve had more than enough, but I have been thinking perhaps you might think about holding an outtakes day next time after the challenge where everyone shares all the ones they couldn’t bear to crop square during the month. πŸ™‚

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