At the beginning of July Squares for some reason I put together 30 not 31 squares, and it was only when I came to write this in early July I suddenly I realised this photograph would not be the final square. I had chosen it because I liked to think it is me pondering the next squares theme. However I needed 31 squares, and for a few days this month the Queen of Squares had no idea what my final square would be. It was all a bit of an enigma, and I was no where near as calm as she looks. Fortunately though I came up with a plan for the 31st, and decided to keep this for the 30th because this painting happens to be called Enigma!

As well as having a great title, this painting by James Sant, a 19th century British portraitist, also happens to be an example of art in perspective. Perspective after all is a technique used to give an image on a flat surface a sense of depth, and I think Sant has achieved a sense of depth and distance behind her. I rather like it.

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  1. Hi, BeckyB, I’m one of the Blogger’s World being sent your way by PamK. Reminding me of old times when we were more active in BW. Hope you are doing well. I couldn’t find a more recent post than this. Are you still writing?

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  2. Another great one. I was going to guess this was the missing picture until I saw the title of the previous post. 🙂 The subject in the portrait makes me think of the Bronte sisters.

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