Beach scenes are a great way to demonstrate linear perspective and in my windswept scene I have almost created, by chance I hasten to add, an example of the vanishing point.

I love walking on Portuguese beaches in winter, almost always empty and occasionally very windswept. Mum and I walked on this stretch in December 2018, and the biggest challenge was coping with the soft sand. At one point we thought we would never get to the end! Now I was going to stop just with the one image, but I thought we all might like some sunshine. There is no vanishing point in this next one, but if you squint you can just about see the triangulation pillar on the dune.

I took this shot in November 2018, it is of one of my favourite beaches – Praio do Barril on Ilha de Tavira. Those of you that follow Restless Jo may recognise it, as like me she regularly shares photographs of this glorious 11km stretch of Portuguese coastline.

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