Well, Mrs Sparrow (and his lordship in the header) are hoping you might have time this weekend to sit down and enjoy some very different perspectives. The first ten days have been quite inspirational, I can’t wait to see what the next twenty one bring. First though let’s enjoy again some of the squares we’ve already seen. As always I hesitate where to start in the gallery, as you are all so brilliant. However I thought I’d begin with new squarers, there have been quite a few of you this month;

Wasn’t that a fabulous first room. It is an honour to have been joined by so many new squarers already this month. I have also been delighted we have been rejoined by so many fabulous squarers from previous months, some of whom I don’t think we have seen since 2019.

Perspectives as a theme seems to have struck a chord this month, a reflection I think of the extraordinary times we find ourselves in.

Oh my, how could I have forgotten to remind you. Regular squarers I am sure have already poured themselves a large cup of coffee or tea, but if you haven’t got one beside you then i recommend you take a pause and go and make one now. We are only half way!

It has been heartening that nearly everyone has remembered to square so far this month, I think I have only had to comment on one post. I know squares are not always ideal but that’s what makes this challenge so unique!

Squares is such a fun challenge. It truly is an honour to host squares for you. I really hope you have been able to visit at least two squares in every room, and also have time to visit one or more in our final room of incredible squarers.

Thank you all for being such fabulous squarers, and an extra special thank you to those of you who have been able to make the time to visit every one of the sixty seven squares in our first July 2020 Squares gallery. You are amazing; it means so much to me when the statistics confirm that you have been visiting and supporting fellow squarers.

PS Before you dash away to pour a glass or two of something to recover from your gallery marathon, here are some great tips (no squares) for those seeking cropping advice or are struggling with Gutenberg, and to finish how about an added challenge to take your squares to the next level space this month!

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