It wasn’t until I was preparing for squares that I noticed it. Slide the arrow and take a closer look. Now slide again, notice anything?

Both hands are the same. When I first saw them I decided they were left handed, but Tom highlighted I was having a moment and of course they are both right handed. An example of how generally everything is seen and created from a right handed perspective. So are all hands like this? I had another look in my Portuguese album, and happily I found some left handed ones.

Our world around us though is generally created for those in power or in majority, with little or no consideration to different perspectives [With the exception of a left handed Bishop who defeated a dragon (more here)].

In our lifetime children were being told off for writing with their left hands or even worse had their knuckles rapped or left arms tied behind their backs so they had to write with their right hands. Even today it seems there are teachers who do not know how to advise left-handers to write, or see left-handedness as an issue. The methodology is different if they are to avoid poor posture or smudging their work in a western world which insists we write left to right. Why can’t left-handers write right to left? If that seems a ridiculous thought to you, then;

Imagine a world, right handers, where all of your scissors were made for the comfort of left-handers.

Dr deborah Thorpe, university of york
History extra, August 2017: A History of Left handed writing

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  1. I was surprised how well I managed with my left hand when I broke my right, and even taught myself to write and could eventually sign my name – sometimes legibly.

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  2. It’s a little odd, if you’re going to go to the trouble of putting up two hands for door knockers, to use two right hands. I expect the left-hander bias had something to do with the devil’s work and thus the need to beat it out of people. What’s amazing is how long some of these biases linger on, though I suppose some things, such as the economics of offering left and right handed version of thing, will mean it never goes away.
    Here’s my balanced flipper offering today:

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  3. There should be equality in the hands. Why wouldn’t they put a left hand on the left side? That would have made a lot more sense. My sister is left handed and when she was little, she was berated for her writing & cutting skills (which were horrible!. The teacher was making her cut with right handed scissors and encouraging her to write with her right hand. Once my mother told the teacher that she was left handed, everything changed for my sister. That was 45 years ago and I think teachers realize there is a diversity there and are more aware today. Great thought-provoking post! Lovely door in need of some TLC! πŸ™‚

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