Today I thought I’d share a mural, as it is such a great example of the method by which solid objects painted on a flat surface are given the appearance of depth and distance. If you would like to see more of it, visit my original post on my Portuguese Blog.

This is the third of #SquarePerspectives for July Squares, and if you haven’t already I’d love it if you joined us. It is a daily challenge but if you prefer you can join us weekly or even just pop in occasionally with your squares. The only absolute rule for joining in is that your main photograph must be square in shape!

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  1. Love this mural and absolutely love street art – always try to seek it out in whatever country I’m travelling in…
    You many not have heard of the spectacular town of Diamante in Calabria, southern Italy. Since the 1980s, the town has seen artists paint murals on just about every wall and there are more than 150 stunning murals – you’d love it!

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    1. Extraordinary isn’t it . .and to think all done with shades and light. Have you had a chance to visit my Portuguese blog to see the rest of it?


  2. Lovely. I do like good street art. But you really need a town or city to find it! Although I do have some interesting bits from Penzance if only I knew where to find them!

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