I’ve been looking for a geometric perspective, and specifically the way parallel lines appear to meet each other at a point in the distance. So far this is the closest I have got hence it only making it into the July Square prequels! How are you getting on?

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    1. oh no, I am sorry don’t mean to confuse. I was thinking perspective would work quite well for everyone. Your square could be of a view of something, or maybe you could look at a building or sign from an unusual angle or perhaps just share something that has happened in the day. Hope this helps


        1. Squares can be anything you want – it’s your opportunity to share your perspective on life ☺️ and don’t worry about block editor lots of bloggers aren’t using it yet xx

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    1. Hee hee, yes I usually have everything scheduled and then someone comes up with something brilliant and so I end up re-thinking loads of squares!


  1. I’ve started a folder with candidates (procrastination is a wonderful thing if it helps not to procrastinate on something else!). I have to whittle down as I ended up with way more than what will be needed (yet not squared yet and many might be cut). Interesting aside: I checked around for definitions of perspective in English and German and “bird’s eye view” translates almost literally into “Vogelperspektive” (without the eye) but your “worm’s eye view” is a “Froschperspektive” = frog’s view in German. Now I just hope that the worm’s eye view is correct.

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    1. That’s how I start too. My folder ends up being enormous, which is why I usually have lots of prequels like this one

      Love how you share the German versions. I learn so much. Also now realised that whilst I have a bird’s eye view planned, I have no worm’s eye view!

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