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  1. Reading some of my favourite bloggers here saying they haven’t or won’t try the editor saddens me as they will stop posting when classic is junked which is a shame. It is quite easy once you use it a few times and the more you do, the more features you find.
    I haven’t had much problem with viewing posts using my tablet or phone but now I find that not many are using it…..
    I am ready for squares and your hints aren’t hints at all, more likely to be Square Obtuse for July πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  2. I tried out the editor yesterday for a post tomorrow, using a collage and the masonry galleries. Looked OK on desktop view, but terrible on the mobile preview, so I put it back to classic editor. I am looking at yours on my phone and the gallery looks fine, so who knows what that is about!

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    1. I’m beginning to think it is more themes rather than the block editor itself. Some themes just don’t get on with block editor. There are definitely some aspects of my theme which won’t allow me to use all features which is a right pain.


      1. I’m a bit confused about how the theme relates to the editor. I need a new mental model. I think of the content as raw materials (eg me), the theme as the presentation we choose (my dress) and the editor as a way you get the content into the theme (a dresser, I suppose) and add a little extra styling like italics, alignment etc (a belt or a bow). I’m aware that the editor can overrule the theme – ie put a belt where there was none, but I didn’t think it could change the cut of the dress.


      2. There are definitely some editorial options which are not available in every theme, but otherwise your imagery is spot on I think


  3. I don’t use the new editor. I’m still using the original editor from about 8 years ago. I’ve used block editing on other blogs and just don’t like it. So as log as I can stick with my original here I am. I do like your gallery of
    trees, landscapes, horizons????? I know you won’t tell though. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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    1. It definitely is awkward to use when you first start, and even now after multiple posts I still get frustrated. However some of the added features are brilliant, and it certainly gets easier the more I use. So really hope you try again as suspect the older editors will disappear in a year or maybe less.


  4. Hilarious how in The Reader, the gallery just appears as a succession of pictures. Well, not exactly hilarious, but you know what I mean. Luckily they look good either way. My guess is ‘by the wayside’.


      1. It is a responsive theme. Maybe it’s just the preview that looks bad, but I’m not going to risk publishing it just to find out, although now I have written that I could publish it privately and see what it looks like.

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    1. Ah that’s the reader and theme, I’ve noticed that happen with posts created in classic editor too. Glad they still look good though πŸ˜ƒ

      Ooh by the wayside what a great challenge that would be.

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      1. Not hilarious then, although my theme, which is WordPress designed, only shows the left hand pic in The Reader when I use two side by side.

        I’m a big fan of WP as you know but they let themselves down in the details by always going for the big sweep. The new ‘home’ page for example – if you use the cross to hide the top message, it does not hide. My browser is up to date, so it is not that.

        I always feel that behind all the big sweep people there should be a team of dusters, tidying up the obvious.


  5. Lovely photos! I think WP is paying you to push Block Editor! I’m following quite a few ‘Help’ type sites – some thanks to you – and the best anyone seems to be saying is ‘you can get used to it’. To be fair, I still haven’t been feeling strong enough to try. I open the page, and rapidly lose the will to live.

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    1. Just try 30minutes a day Margaret with a test post, or even copy a post you’ve done in the past and play with block editing the copy. Testing the waters daily for a short time is a lot less daunting πŸ™‚

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    1. Can understand why, the transition is daunting. However the new editor does have lots of added features and benefits so hope you will start trying it.

      Recommend creating a test post which you can use to try it out for a short time every week or even day.

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