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    1. I’ve never grown them so hadn’t realised they were short-lived until now. Still think I’d like to have some though in garden.


  1. Bowl of Beauty? One of the prettiest peonies in my opinion. I do love them even though they are short-lived flowers and in my windy spot they wouldn’t last long at all.

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    1. They are such a wonderful plant. Here in England I only see them in gardens, but in Portugal they have naturalised in places. Always a delight to come across on a walk


      1. You have the wrong idea about t’ai chi. It isn’t very physical or heavy breathing. But in principle you are right. I think we’re using them because we need to move around to observe the leader sometimes but it may be an insurance thing, because of the group. I would prefer not to but it was preferable to watching and trying to join in using Zoom on my phone πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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