This was going to be a Wordless Wednesday but we have a question to ask. Do you know what tree this is? It is very slow growing, so could be an oversized shrub. Been there forever but we have no idea what it is! Hoping Mum, Jude, Trish or Susan might know.

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  1. I think it is a Cornus too. Possibly Cornus drummondii or roughleaf dogwood.
    Shrub or rarely small tree. Leaves opposite, entire, elliptical, pointed, 4-9 cm (1.6-3.5in) long and 3-5 cm (1.4-2 in) wide with prominent paired curved veins, green and rough above, pale and soft-hairy below. Flowers in flat-topped clusters 5-7.5 cm (2-3 in) across, numerous, small, white, blooming in late spring. Fruits round, about 5 mm (0.2 in) in diameter, white when ripe, in loose clusters at the ends of leafy branches.

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  2. I looked for it and what I came to know is that it belongs to family of Coronus group of the dogwood. May be I am wrong but this is what I got the knowledge.


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