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  1. Your mum looks so lovely and not a day over 60! Kew would be a splendid place to spend a birthday though I would happily opt for any garden right now. In fact a local one has opened so if it is not raining tomorrow we might pay it a visit. And btw I see you have used the new editor for the post but tbh the gallery looks just the same to me – though full of beautiful photos. I had a go last night and I rather liked the collage option for images – I might just give that one a go when I have more time to spend on it. Happy belated birthday MrsB’s mum!! πŸ₯°πŸ°πŸΎπŸŽˆ


    1. She’s amazing, can’t wait to go back to Kew with her. Hope you get out to a garden today – dark clouds here but not sure it will actually rain.


    2. PS and do have another go. The collage, tiled gallery and masonry options are fun to play with once you get your head around the differences. Maybe a rainy day play!


        1. I have had another play. I like the image blocks, but you have to stay with the limit of the collage – i.e. you can’t add more images to the layout, so the masonry idea is the best, but then I’m not so keen on the viewing of the gallery where the picture also becomes the background. Very much like those smart phone pictures and videos you see on TV. Is this really what everyone wants?


        2. ooh not sure I’ve noticed pic in background that in the viewing of gallery. when did that happen? Don’t like sound of it either!


        3. BTW your posts take a long time to load – not sure if this is the new theme or the new editor. I even get a skip notification!


        4. Guess what I’m getting the skip thing now, and likewise can’t tell what it skips. Really odd. I’ll ask WordPress.


        5. Weird. I also have encountered problems with a new mansonry gallery where I couldn’t move from one photo to the next! Given up for now.


        6. ooh had another thought would you mind doing the skip notification to discover what isn’t loading. That way I can hopefully sort the problem xx


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