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  1. I bought a handpan last summer! It is brilliant. I play it every day. I was hoping to find other handpan players but so far no luck. and the guy who inspired me to buy one was only on holiday and was going to help me. He was due back to MC this week …sadly thanks to c-19 he had to cancel his trip.

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    1. Oh wow. What fun. The chap I saw playing in Faro was a local musician, might still be possible to track down his name as he was booked by council. Shall I see if I can find for you?


  2. That was delightful to listen to, Becky. Many thanx for sharing from a proud Square ๐ŸŸช (as you know). Hope you and yours are keeping safe and well. I like the new theme/look and must say I almost went with Anemone but opted for Arcane instead (both created by DesignOrbital). Looking good Oh-Square-Wan Squarenobi.

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    1. It is rather lovely isn’t it . . quite gentle. My stepdaughter has learnt to play one, and love it when she brings it home to play


    1. You’d be right!

      The first ones were made in USA, and were called hangs at that time, a new hybrid of the Trinidadian steelpan, Indian ghatam, Thai gong and Indonesian Gamelan! Then German and Spanish versions swiftly followed.

      My stepdaughter has one, she plays it brilliantly. We have though mostly heard and seen them in Portugal. Here’s someone playing multiple ones https://beckyinportugal.com/2017/11/28/music-oranges-walks-old-town-faro/

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