Septimus wanted to join Rex and Debbie in St Albans this morning with their 6WS tales of tails. This is the not the first time he has put on a tail chasing show for Six Word Saturday however, here’s a 2016 performance.

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    1. awww what a lovely thing to do. Not taken part in one of these for years. Not sure I will nominate others as most blogs I follow have been around for a few years and so tend not to do these awards now. However I might answer your questions and link back to you 🙂 Thank you again

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    1. So glad you enjoyed, he is such a daft cat. You’d think he would have grown out of this by now but no . . . 14years old and still got the tail urge!


      1. Same was happening with Jo’s a few weeks back . . and I had the same problem too on another blog. Most strange, but no worries I have deleted the second

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