Square Tops SquaresNever easy to know where to start with the final Squares gallery, but I thought blue skies and fabulous views from me, and a focus on some of your wonderful last minute arrivals might be a good place.

It was lovely to meet so many new Squarers last week, and to catch up with Squarers from quarters back. I always worry when regular Squarers don’t appear so was good to discover many of you are well, just busy.

Square Tops Squares (2)What a great room that was to open our final gallery with. I do hope you enjoyed visiting as much as I did curating. It is rather fun creating the final gallery after Squares has ended as it enables me to enjoy your brilliance once again, and helps me cope with the lack of daily squares in my life!

What have you been up to in the days since Squares?

Square Tops Squares (1)The squares to my right remind me I must prepare another family history post for you. There’s a mystery to be solved. I’ve also just remembered I totally forgot to remind you to make a cuppa, or pour a glass of wine. If you want to take a short break now, and make yourself something or perhaps a cut a slice (or two) of cake, go for it!

The rooms will be here awaiting your return, as will I.

Square Tops Squares (4)April was such an unusual month wasn’t it. I think all of us were living life under restrictions. By the looks of it some of you might be seeing the start of a slow return to normality this month, assuming of course the numbers stay stable and everyone keeps their distance. I wish our government had taken early action so we were joining you. Unfortunately however Brits, well the English, have nincompoops in charge.

Square Tops Squares (3)And so we arrive at the final room. There are some stunners in here, if you can take the time to visit a few you will have a marvellous time. Last month was an outstanding month for beauty, innovation and fun. Thank you all for being such fabulous squarers, I cannot wait to see you back here in July. I will announce the new theme in mid June so make sure you are following me, it is going to be a good one!

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  1. I enjoyed the snapshot collages. well done. πŸ™‚

    I am going to try and join in more with July. Funny to even think about that month right now. – but feels nice – and it will be here before we realize it.

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