Sleep atop

It all depends on how hot it is as to whether or not Septimus sleeps on the bottom (header) or top (squares), it also depends if I am happy for him to be top cat!

Neither Septimus nor I can believe this is my penultimate #SquareTops. Where has the time gone? If you have not yet joined us there is still time, well a day, to discover your perfect top. Whether it’s;

  1. Top and Tail – play around with word combinations such as top secret, top full, and top line. Or may look for top within words such as topee, octoploid and dystopian. Hmmm I wonder why I thought of the latter!
  2. On Top of the World – summit, crown, peak or uppermost part of something
  3. Under the Big Top – topping or covering
  4. Room at the Top – first or highest in position
  5. Cherry on Top – something wonderful

Whatever your top, your main photograph must be square in shape and remember only four equal sides make a rectangle a square!

Top Cat
Top Cat

PS and if you are still puzzling over yesterday’s bride and groom, the answer can now be found (highlighted in orange to match Septimus) at the end of yesterday’s post!

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