Only a few days left to go before the end of April Squares so I thought I’d share something rather different today, using the idiom ‘Under the Big Top’.

topping 2

Have you worked out what it is? If not take another look at the header as that is a big clue! It is salt. Salt, and in particular the flor de sal, was once Portugal’s white gold and essential to many economic treaties. topping 1It can only be harvested by hand. However in modern times salt-making is not as lucrative as it once was, and consequently many of Portugal’s traditional salterns have fallen into decline, and those that remain are mostly harvested by machines. However you will still find commercially active salterns in the Algarve, producing flor de sal. If you want to learn more about this white gold click here to visit a post I wrote a couple of years ago on my Portuguese blog. by the way none of the salt in these pics is flor de sal. It just left overs from the harvest!

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      1. Didn’t have a reply option on your last comment, but I haven’t tasted the Hawaiian salts yet. I’m not sure my palate would appreciate the subtle differences unfortunately.

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