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  1. No sign of a sunrise this morning even though I am actually awake! Foggy here again this morning, but I did see a beautiful pink sunrise the other day.

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      1. No not the cows, although a few started mooing, just things on my mind. Read for a bit and had a cup of hot chocolate and finally went back to sleep! I think I have fallen into the jail again though, with my link!


      2. You weren’t in jail, just me being slow today with approvals. Was sidetracked in garden with re-arranging the acers. Takes a while as some of the pots are huge!

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      3. I try and avoid big pots now as I struggle with the weight. But I still want a couple of crab apples so I’ll need to make sure I place them where they will stay!

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      4. I am very good at the twist slide moving approach, also found that having them in enormous trays actually makes them easier to move. My Dad had these trays in the greenhouse with pebbles in, but I now have them as pot trays. About a metre square and they slide brilliantly

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  2. I love sunrises, but recently, I think I love sleeping even more. I feel that I have lost the first that could get me up at 4:30 to catch a sunrise at five in the morning. I got tired. Anyway, it rains all the time. I haven’t seen a sunrise in months or even a clear morning. I do wake up and look, even if I don’t get out there to shoot πŸ˜€

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