On a clear winter’s day they say you can see Ben Macdui, the second highest mountain in the UK. However I didn’t take any photographs that direction, so have no idea if that it true or not. I was too busy photographing the estuary and then Cox’s Stack – Scotland’s finest industrial chimney. It does look splendid doesn’t it, more like an Italian tower than a chimney. Constructed in the mid 19th century, it is 282ft high and one of the remaining relics of Dundee’s once buoyant jute industry. You may recall Nicholas talking about jute on Sunday, I wonder if the pictures in the video were of this jute factory in its heyday?

Top of World

The chimney may have distracted me from looking for Ben Macdui, but I did capture one of the 282 munros in my picture. Well I think I did! Can you spy the dome in the far distance, it is in line with the clock tower. If that dome is over 3000ft then it’s a munro,  and most likely to be Ben More, which is 60miles away (as the crow flies). If I am correct, then there is no higher land in the British Isles to the left (south) of it. It also means that if I had looked then I should have been able to see Ben Macdui as it’s only 53miles away (as the crow flies).

So many tops in my picture. I thought I’d get lots in as the countdown has begun. Yup, if you include today, there are only seven days left of Squares! Here’s a quick reminder.

The theme is top and the main tag is #SquareTops. In particular we are looking for;

  1. Top and Tail – play around with word combinations such as top secret, top full, and top line. Or may look for top within words such as topee, octoploid (think strawberries) and dystopian. Hmmm I wonder why I thought of the latter!
  2. On Top of the World – summit, crown, peak or uppermost part of something
  3. Under the Big Top – topping or covering
  4. Room at the Top – first or highest in position
  5. Cherry on Top – something wonderful

Most importantly however your main photograph must be square in shape and remember only four equal sides make a rectangle a square.

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