Unfortunately not this age today!

Apart from my first Zoom Pilates I’ve no idea what will happen today; I’ve never had a lockdown Birthday before. However MrB and I are safe and well, and I know today will be a happy one. I will be chatting to Mum later, there’s a good chance the post will arrive and I am pretty sure there will be cake & Prosecco too!

So I thought I’d treat you too on this special day. Unfortunately IΒ cannot send cake but I can invite you to try a little Birthday puzzle. A few weeks ago many of you commented on the picture of my fabulous mum. Well two of the squares in the gallery below are of her and the rest are of me. Can you work out who is who?

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    1. it has been such a special one Cee. Feel truly blessed by the number of lovely messages I have received today, also been spoilt with deliveries and by MrB. Quite a special day, and one I will never forget πŸ˜€


    1. It has been an extraordinarily wonderful day. I feel truly blessed by the number of messages I have received from around the world, and by the lovely conversations I have had with close family and friends today. I may not have been out but the world has visited me πŸ˜€


    1. Thank you, I am. Have had some wonderful surprise gifts turn up on the doorstep and lots of lovely long chats with friends on the phone so in a way it is a brilliant Bday πŸ™‚


  1. Top of the day to a top lady! April must be a top month for birthdays – I have three grandchildren born in this month (16th, 19th, 24th) a son (29th), my sister-in-law (26th) and my favourite dog was born on the same day as the Queen (21st) not to mention my wonderful dad whose birthday would have been on 6th April. A topping month! And shared with Earth Day- so get yourself out for a lovely birthday stroll and enjoy those quiet roads and clear skies.
    As for the photos I would say the first and last based on the quality of the images, but you are very much alike!
    Happy Birthday and Happy Earth Day!!

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    1. oh wow your family and carol’s are very similar in terms of april being a fabulous month for bdays. I think is a great month as about the right time after Christmas! My big month for Bdays in September . . possibly going to have an extra family member that month this year if all goes well and on time!


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